Salads, Slyders & Wraps


Maloney’s Classic Caesar Salad
Crisp romaine lettuce, crunchy baked croutons, Caesar
dressing and Parmesan cheese. 6.99   Add Chicken 2.49      Add grilled salmon 3.99

Oriental Chicken Salad
Crispy boneless chicken tossed with sesame
ginger dressing set a top our signature garden salad and
finished with fried Won Tons. Served with sesame
ginger dressing. 9.99

Keirnan Cobb Salad
Mixed greens with tomatoes, cucumbers, cheddar cheese,
bacon bits and boiled eggs. Topped with shaved corned
beef and your choice of dressing. 9.99

O’Byrne’s Chef Salad
Fresh mixed greens topped with julienne strips of ham,
roasted turkey, swiss & cheddar cheese. Topped with
cucumber, red onion, tomatoes, black olives & hard boiled egg. 9.99

Crispy Southern Style Chicken Salad
Southern fried chicken tenders served a top mixed
greens surrounded by fresh tomatoes, cucumbers,
carrots, red onion, mushroom and black olives. 9.99
Buffalo style or Grilled chicken available.

Cowell’s Apple Pecan Chicken Salad
Mixed greens topped with cucumbers, carrots,
granny smith apples, dried cranberries, candied
pecans, grilled chicken and a side of parmesan peppercorn dressing 9.99    Substitute grilled salmon 11.49

Dressing Choices (Extra side of Dressing .75)
Caesar , Ranch, Russian, Balsamic,
Bleu Cheese, Italian, Parmesan Peppercorn,
Fat Free Raspberry, Honey Mustard Sesame Ginger

1/2 & 1/2 Lunch Special
You pick two 7.49

  • 1/2 Limerick Deli Sandwich
  • Side House Salad
  • Cup of Soup of the Day

No substitutions please.
Wraps not available


All of our slyders are served on a deli soft bun and served with choice of side. Try them as an appetizer as well.

3 100% Pure Beef Slyders
Char-grilled with lettuce and tomato. 8.49
Your choice of American, Swiss or cheddar cheese. Add choice of bacon, barbecue, caramelized
onion .50

3 Buffalo Chicken Slyders
Country fried chicken tossed with your choice of mild, medium or or hot buffalo sauce 8.49

3 Pulled Pork Slyders
Pulled pork with our smokey barbecue sauce 8.49

Slyder Trio
One of each of the above. 8.49


All wraps are served with your choice of homemade
tortilla chips, seasoned fries, sweet potato fries, macaroni salad, or coleslaw.  Substitute Onion Rings or Tater Tots 1.00

Oriental Chicken Wrap
Crispy chicken tossed in sesame ginger sauce with
lettuce, tomato and fried wontons. 9.49

Maloney’s Chicken Caesar Wrap
Strips of grilled chicken breast, chopped lettuce, diced red onion, tomatoes and Caesar dressing. 9.49

Aunt Marges Veggie Wrap
Fresh chopped lettuce, tomato, red onion, diced
granny smith apples and cheddar cheese. Served with
Dijon mayo and wrapped in a flour tortilla 7.99

Cheeseburger Club Wrap
Chopped 100% pure beef patty with cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon & onion wrapped in a flour tortilla 9.49

Danny Boy’s Buffalo Shrimp Wrap
Crispy beer battered shrimp tossed in buffalo sauce, with chopped lettuce, tomatoes and blue cheese dressing. Your choice of mild, medium or hot sauce 10.49

Hurley’s Buffalo Chicken Wrap
Crispy buffalo chicken with chopped lettuce, tomato and bleu cheese dressing. Your choice of mild, medium or hot sauce. 9.49


Salads, Slyders & Wraps


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